Quick Tips for Creating the Best User Experience on your Website

Highlighting Website Interactivity and Responsiveness

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Remember the Target User

The most important baseline for your design is to think about who your target users are and what they will be using your app to do. The elements that are most important to them should be front and center in your design.

Be Purposeful

Elements placed on your website and the interaction they attract should always be purposeful. It is not good practice to include elements that are simply there to fill space or to add a gimmick.

Keep it Clean and Simple

Building off of being purposeful, keeping your webpage clean and simple is the most effective way of guiding a user to navigate your site correctly or as intended. Some of the most used and loved sites have the simplest design. Take Google again as an example — the simplicity of the concept and design helps users know exactly how to use it. Any other side functionality or add-ons are in a separate menu to access, but are not at the forefront.

Be Consistent

When planning the design of your site, it is best to select a solid design direction to follow. Consistency is important when extending your branding throughout every touchpoint. Using a cool effect just because it’s cool is not enough of a reason to implement it.

Consider All Formats

Last but definitely not least, remember to consider that users come to your app from countless different devices. Each device has a different format and aspect ratio, which effects how your elements are viewed and interacted with.


The design you implement for your app is critical for creating the user experience — it’s the first thing users see and draws them in for further interaction. Keeping these important tips in mind for interactivity and responsiveness will help to promote a positive user experience and ultimately bring users back.

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